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Brimac Mailer is designed to make the best user experience for managers and users of mailing lists.

Brimac Mailer allows both web based and email based administration. You can use the web based administration which is recommended or send administration messages by e-mail.

Using Brimac Mailer you can create your messages using the web based composer, compose your messages using most any email program, or use a HTML creator program.

The messages to send can be composed at any time that is convenient for you and then sent when completed or scheduled to send at any date and time you desire.

Brimac Mailer uses standards compliant methods to send your messages which reduces the possibility of your messages being marked as SPAM.

Brimac Mailer provides status information on each mailing indicating how many recipients the message was sent to, now many of those recipients read the message, and how many of those recipients did not receive the message due to bounced messages.

Email to get started with your mailing list or for more information.

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